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Stone Mosaics - Marble Mosaics. Onyx Mosaics. Travertine Mosaics. Quatz Mosaics. Slate Mosaics.

stone mosaics in many full colors. Multiple patterns, borders, and carpets are now available at very affordable prices. Entries, powder rooms, bathrooms, sunrooms, and more ... can be artfully enhanced by timeless stone mosaic tiles.
Our artisans can execute both the simple, the sublime, and the stones mosaic in superb precision. Available in polished, tumbled, and antique. Our stone mosaics,marble stone mosaic tiles are mesh mounted and easy to install in 3/8" thickness. For the contemporary setting "Maestro Mosaics" provides new designs and welcomes designers, artists, and homeowners to create their own.

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China milestone generally offer custom design patterns,stone mosaic,mosaic tile, where you can pick your stone and arrange the colors. We will manufacture the pattern for you on sheets and ship it to you ready to install. are examples of Custom Marble Stone Mosaic,mosaic tiles,onyx mosaic,stones mosaic and marble border. Because they are custom, the colors can be changed according to your taste. mosaic Pattern modifications can be made as well.

Looking for low cost yet high quality stone mosaic and metal mosaic products? Be sure contact china milestone.Most are available in polished and tumbled marble ,slate ,pebble,onyx. If you have a project that will require marble products or marble stone mosaic products and allow us to import the materials for you we can offer you the very best prices you will find.