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Chinese Mosaic Culture


The mosaic culture has a long history for hundreds of years in western countries. The mosaic products also have been very popular as decoration materials since then. But what is the latest situation of the mosaic culture and in what way does the mosaic tile develop in China ? In the following contents of this essay I would like to talk something about this.

Actually the mosaic culture in China can date back to the 19th century, the architecture shown in the cathedrals and other related buildings built by foreigners. The representative building is the HSBC of China head office in ShangHai (See Pictures). Then in the coming 100 years the mosaic tile developed slowly due to the political chaos in China.

Not until China's economic and political reform took place in the late 70s of the 20th century, the mosaic culture in China began its dramatic development. During this period, some Chinese people go aboard attending the ceramic and mosaic fairs held in Europe and America, brought back the latest mosaic patterns, designs and even some new manufactory technology. As more and more mosaic factories opened in 1980s and 1990s, the mosaic products have become an significant decoration materials in family and public use.

Mosaic products can be of different materials, such as glass, ceramic, marble, slate, stainless steel. In the 1980s, the ceramic mosaic is popular in China. As the living standard is not so high at that time, the paper-mounted ceramic mosaic became the hot choice. With China's playing its role as the "World factory" in the 1990s, the glass mosaic began to take the place of ceramic mosaic on daily use. The glass mosaic tile, including the metallic glass, iridescent glass, vitreous glass together with the crystal mosaic, were used widely in the kitchen, bathroom in home and other related public building.

In nowadays of the 21st century, more and more Chinese people take mosaic tile as the high-class decoration materials. Since 2003, the other materials of mosaic products, like steel mosaic tile, marble mosaic tile, slate mosaic tile, even wooden, shell, coconut shell mosaic tile began their appearance in Chinese people's eyes, letting the development of mosaic culture reaching its peak. Especially the Olympic games in Beijing, the building with mosaic mural art attract the Chinese eyes. Now the mosaic production capacity and market demand increase 30% for every year, manufactories from 200 to more than 500. Till the end of 2008, the value of output is more than 3000 million US dollar. Why mosaic tile become more and more important in China building market ? I think there are three reasons for it:

Firstly, mosaic products reflect the architecture art, from which you can see different kinds of culture style. Also, western culture and decoration idea further integration into China culture.

Secondly, all kinds of mosaic products have very strong characteristics of their own. Even the single sheet of mosaic tile may differ from color, shape, appearance, material etc.

Thirdly, mosaic products can also be used in a wide range, not only for indoors or outdoors use, but also for swimming pools, ceilings and many other special places.

Finally, I want to take about my views about the development tendency of the mosaic products in China. In the near future. due to the global economy meltdown, many mosaic factories began to focus on the domestic market and will adjust their sales strategy. I believe all this effort will be another good motivation for the development of the mosaic culture in China.