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Liven Up Your Home With Mosaic Tile


The term "mosaic" actually refers the process of using lots of small tiles together to create greater designs and surfaces. While mosaic is certainly a time consuming and meticulous process, the almost unlimited materials to choose from and the boundless design possibilities of the art make it one of the most versatile, popular, and stunning tiling options available to any homeowner. From backsplashes to poolside tile murals, to tabletops and mirrors, mosaic tile is tough stuff to beat.

Pick Your Poison
When we say mosaic tile comes in just about any material you can imagine, we mean it. It is available in stainless steel, copper, ceramic, porcelain, stone, pebble, cork, and glass mosaic tile, among others. Keep in mind that this is just the starter list, and there are a lot of other options within each category. If there's a material out there you're after, chances are there's a tile manufactured to fit the bill.

All the Colors in the Rainbow
Add to that list of materials the fact that porcelain, ceramic, and glass mosaic tile come in pretty much any color you can think of, along with a few more, and you can see there's an almost limitless range of looks to choose from. In fact, because of their small size and intricate finish and color variations, even steel, stone, pebble and cork come in an endless number of variations.

Why Am I Supposed to Be Excited about All This?
Simple. Because the fun of mosaic tile is combining all these different colors, materials, shades, textures and finishes to create a stunning greater whole. Interspersing glass mosaic tile in with a ceramic background will light up your pool area. Alternating polished stainless steel with buffed copper behind your kitchen sink will turn heads. And combining multiple colors into a single tiling project can transform a wall, floor, shower or bath from a boring, monotone into a cornucopia of color and festive feeling! Mosaic has the potential to move beyond great looking tile, and to become a work of art in the right hands. The limits to your imagination are the only things standing in your way.

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