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Mosaic Tiles


Tiles are an absolute perfection for each and every bathroom. This can be asserted by the fact that not even a single bathroom looks complete without tiles; in fact no bathroom can be seen without tiles. Bathrooms look bare and incomplete without the adornment of tiles. Tiles can be applied on the floor, walls, borders etc. They can be applied to each and every bathroom by using adhesives and grouts.

Tiles are generally manufactured from alkali glass. Though there are many types of tiles available in the market, mosaic tiles are one of the most popular and reputed tiles known for their durability and designs. These tiles are available in traditional styles as well as contemporary styles. Mosaic tiles are multipurpose tiles as they can be used as boards for kitchen and bathrooms also. Mosaic tiles are of many types:-
Glass mosaic tiles
Metal mosaic tiles
Mixed mosaic tiles
Pebble mosaic tiles
Stone mosaic tiles
The various varieties mosaic tiles are available in numerous colors, designs and styles. These tiles can be fitted according to the furnishings, accessories and dcor of the bathroom. As these tiles are available in beautiful patterns they add a vibrant look to the bathroom. Each type of mosaic tile gives a unique and different look to the bathroom.

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