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Milestone Stone Mosaic Tile / Stone Mosaic Border / Stone Mosaic Pattern / Stone Mosaic Painting Factory

Milestone stone mosaic factory specialized the production of various stone mosaic products including marble mosaic, granite mosaic, onyx mosaic, travertine mosaic, slate mosaic, pebble mosaic, metal mosaic, coconut & shell mosaic in different form of mosaic pattern, mosaic medallion, simple tile, border etc. All of our mosaic products are mounted on sheets and ready to be installed. Milestone’s stone mosaic are available in different surface finish such as polished, honed, antique, natural split, 3D…the normal size for mosaic tile sheet is 305x305x7-10mm, normal size for mosaic patterns is: 600x600mm, 800x800mm,1000x1000mm,1200x1200mm…, chip’s size is usually 10x10mm,15x15mm,25x25mm,20x40mm,10x50mm… other customized size are also available. The popular material for mosaic are Beige Travertine, White Travertine, Carrara White, Dark Emperador, Light Emperador, Crema Marfil, Royal Botticino, Galala Beige, Honey Onyx, Green Onyx…whatever material or finish or pattern you request, we can satisfy your request.

1. FIELDWORK: Mosaic is the art of decorating a surface with designs made up of closely set, small pieces of material such as colored stone, glass or other ceramic. No doubted, it’s a time-consuming process, so it not only needs special skills but also enough patience. See how the mosaics turn out to be various patterns and designs under our worker’s hard-working.

2. PACKAGE: Good package, no doubt, is the final guarantee of good qualified products. Milestone has strict request about our mosaic’s package. For the mosaics, normally every 10 sheet will be packed into a carton box, every sheet will be separated by some paper or mesh. The carton box can be printed or not printed as per customer’s requirement. Finally the carton boxed will be packed into wooden pallet or wood crates.

3. MOSAIC PROJECT & APPLICATION: Mosaic, as an ancient art form, it can be applied almost in every place you can imagine: kitchen, bathroom, lobby, shopping mall, swimming pool, bars, TV Background, floor, ceiling, table top… See below pictures how the mosaics are applied in the life of people.

Hotel Lobby with stone mosaic art

Public garden with stone mosaic art

Public garden with stone mosaic art

Public garden with stone mosaic art

Public garden with stone mosaic art

Hotel Lobby with mosaic floor

Lobby floor with mosaic art

Lobby floor with crazy mosaic art

Outdoor floor with mosaic art-girl’s face

Wall fountain with stone mosaic background

Entry land of villa with stone mosaic art

Entry land of villa with stone mosaic art

A huge column decorated with mosaic art

Living room floor with stone mosaic

Restaurant floor with mosaic carpet

A modern bar with mosaic floor

Living room with mosaic carpet

Stone mosaic carpet

Bathroom with stone mosaic floor and wall

Bathroom with mosaic floor

Pebble mosaic floor

Mosaic table top & chair top

Mosaic table top & chair top

Mosaic table top & chair top

Aluminum mosaic wall for bathroom

Metal Mosaic for kitchen backsplash

Metal mosaic floor & wall

Other mosaic interesting application and inspiration

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