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Coconut Shell Mosaic All small class >>Amount  139 item

Coconut Shell Mosaic:Coconut shell mosaic tile is a new type of environmental building materials with high-quality coconut shell as the base material. Absolutely hand-made with natural, beautiful curvature of bending, its hardness can even compete top-grade mahogany. After fine grinding and polishing, Milestone's coconut shell mosaic tile can not only be very smooth and shinning, but also very wearable and water-repellent. You don't need to paint on the coconut shell mosaic tile, but you can enjoy a strong, modern, simple, elegant decoration material. Coconut shell mosaic tiles are widely used in hotels, halls, bedrooms, bars and other places for indoor and outdoor decoration.

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Milestone provides hundreds designs of natural coconut shell mosaic in different pattern like basket weave, herringborn, brick, Promenade field, Homocentric etc, welcome to Milestone's Coconut Shell Mosaic Gallery for more selection.
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